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Saturday, September 16, 2000

The Pigeon.

I thought it unusual when upon leaving the house on Friday morning a Pigeon was sitting, all alone, atop the fence that delineates the property boundaries between my home and that of my neighbor.

After all we have a lot of Mourning Doves here but Pigeons are kind of rare.

I thought it even odder that when I returned home that evening, that Pigeon, still alone, was wandering the edge of my property that borders the street.

I wondered if it could be ill, or what other strange impetus had brought it here, all alone.

I left my house today and saw something in the middle of the street. It could have been a newspaper all crumpled and run over...but it wasn't, and now I'm sad.

The Pigeon.

Suzn 5:29:31 PM| link me up


Thursday, September 14, 2000

It's done, over and it was a huge success. The Symposium. At least 324 people attended. That was a rough count. It's amazing though, about 6 months of planning and it's gone in one short day. It's not me that gets the brunt of it. My part is actually very small. My applause to Sue who really does an amazing job of pulling it all together. ;-)

There are two things that nurses just love. One is free food and the other is vendor gifts. We had about 20 vendors from various pharmaceutical and product companies that hawked their wares, and gave away free stuff. During the morning break I think you could have likened it to a swarm of locusts. The crowd descended. You could barely see a vendor or their table for about 20 minutes and when the crowd cleared, the tables, once filled with "stuff", were stripped clean.

Now me, well I do like the stuff but since I was doing the registration and happened to be at the table near the hotel gift shop I spotted some items (ok so they weren't free) that I really wanted. I thought it was awfully thoughtful of them to have the cash machine just outside the shop too...how'd they know? Two, I only bought two. One is a lovely baby elephant statue with his trunk up way high. Too cute.

Then of course there was the wine and cheese. That on top of waking at 4:15 am and doing some of the running today has left me very sleepy.

I still have not gotten one shower gift and a baby elephant was not on the brides registry list. Think I could pass it off as the set of Lalique crystal she does want?


Suzn 8:01:28 PM| link me up


Monday, September 11, 2000

This will be a busy week. Two of my cousins children are getting married and their "showers" are one week apart. Then there is a small reprieve until October when their weddings are one week apart. I still have gifts to buy.

Our annual Symposium is this Thursday and we are down to the wire now. Sue (my office mate) is actually the major organizer and by Thursday she will have bitten her nails down to the quick I am sure. We usually have about 300 people in attendance. It's at a hotel and is an all-day affair which is followed by a wine and cheese reception (yup that's the best part). I keep telling Sue (because this is the 4th year we have sponsored this) that by the time her daughters (2) are going to get married she'll have the details down pat.

Tomorrow we will organize the packets and brochures that are handed out. Papers into packets, follow the correct order. It's mindless and actually that makes it fun. We line up like an assembly line. I'm sure if I lose my job I could do just fine in a factory.

Wednesday I have to take Sue to pick up the wine....shhhhh I get to leave early. I have the biggest vehicle so it stands to reason, right?

But Thursday morning I have to be awake at 4 am to get to the hotel early to help set up. I am so NOT a morning person. I only like 4am when I've been up all night to see it. I have 3 people calling me to make sure I get my butt out of the bed.

Suzn 8:05:59 PM| link me up


This makes me sad and angry all together. I just don't get it. Why I wonder, would people like this have a puppy? They'd be better to get a stuffed animal. Who ever heard of leaving a 3 month old puppy alone for an entire weekend? Who ever heard of leaving any dog for an entire weekend? The laws should be stricter.

I agree, they are feeling beings...feeling hunger, pain, attachment and isolation. They are pained by ill treatment. It just makes me sad.

Well, you were kind to try and help. How very sweet, the comforts you gave that poor puppy. I loved the night light. She'd be much happier as your dog......ooops. ;-)

Suzn 7:57:25 PM| link me up




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