My Rant.....and then some

I think that most of the individuals who take things from others' sites are just caught up in some kind of "Netfever". On the Internet, because of the annonymity I'm sure, people do things that in reality they would not do.

Just remember that the sites you visit are owned by people These people are real, just like you.

There are multitudes of pages devoted to explaining copyright. That is the legal reason why individuals have the right to expect credit for their work. But how about the moral one? Would you walk into my home, admire my Lladro statue and then decide to take it when you leave? Absolutely not. I am certain that for most of you who are reading this, that action is abhorable not merely because you could go to prison, but mainly because you are morally sound and would never even think of taking something of another. So why take something from someones website?

What you should know as well, is that these artists spend long hours working on their art. Some they make to adorn their sites alone. That is only fair. Some they make to adorn your site, and ask only for credit and a link. That is fair too. The reasons they choose to share them are insignificant compared to the fact that they choose to do so and perhaps make your site a much more lovely and interesting place to visit. I know that you are not so insecure as to need to receive praise by taking credit for someone elses work.

How do you feel about your own site? No matter what degree of development your site has reached, isn't it just a wonderful place to go? Your creation; don't you just love being there? Aren't you proud? Imagine then, how you would feel if, posted at your site (that you deeply love) you placed something you felt was wonderful. Something you had made. Your creation or something you are using that just fits your site perfectly. One day while wandering around the net you came across a site that had your stuff. Not only had they used something of yours, but nowhere was there a mention that you were actually the person who had created, designed or thought of it. How do you suppose you'd feel?

I can only ask you to think, and to feel what it would be like if someone took something precious of yours.

Caveat to remember: What goes around will come back at ya with a vengeance.

There is one more little detail you might want to consider if all that is written above does not impress you.

That one small detail is a lawsuit.

Although there are those that would tout copyright upholders as "wussies" and "fanatics" (and many other things too numerous to mention) the issue is still a legal one. Just as you may not like the 25 mph speed limit, it doesn't matter, if you are caught exceeding it you receive a ticket. The law is the law, so you can go ahead and laugh at it all you want but steal my graphics and it is not outside of the realm of possibility that I could bring suit against you.

So do yourself a favor also, don't think that the individual whose graphics you've "stolen" will not be bothered. Don't think that the individual whose hosting service you've linked to will not have the nerve. All you need is to come across the wrong person at the wrong time and you are likely to find yourself facing a judge when you should be facing your monitor.

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