Butterflies and flowers; the epitome of springs arrival. Softly aliting on flowers the butterflies are responsible for spreading pollen and creating new wonders in your garden. Soft and gentle creatures that figure silently into the great plan



This is a mirrored background for use with pages designed in a resolution of 800x600. In another resolution this background will not tile properly. Please see the note below for the HTML instructions to set up this background with tables or view my source code to see how it's done.

Because this is so intense a background I don't recommend using many, if any images on this page. I think this would be a great entry page with just a small amount of text or the title of your web site. I couldn't help tho, making a few "buttons" ;-). The color code for the text I've used on this page is #fde499. The color code for the text of the back and next buttons is #80FFFF, the font is Andy, size=20. The two blank butterflies have enough space around them to place some navigational text.





To ensure your text will not spill over to either the left or right border, you will need to insert a table code into your page.

below the line of code which begins "body text=" insert the code as follows:

<table cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0 align="center" width=750> <tr> <td align="left" width=150></td> <br>
<td align="center" width=450> <br>

Place your text and any images here. You can use the usual <p align="center"> tags. Note you can left align your text by changing the second td align and the p align parameters to left.
When you are done filling your page, just before your end body tag place the following lines of code:
<td align="right" width=150>
</td> </tr> </table>

Feel free to E-Mail me with any questions or comments.

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