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This mirrored border is designed to be viewed at a resolution of 800x600 in order for both golden borders to appear at the opposite ends of your monitor. However in order for this to appear a bit more acceptable to individuals browsing your pages at a higher resolution I've actually made the borderset very wide..1495 pixels to be exact. What your viewers with higher rez settings will see will not be the retiling of the far left border (which looks kinda awkward) but will see just an additional area of the darker green border. Your text and images here will appear left aligned to them and I think it's a bit more acceptable than the repetition of the border.

There is a table in the code of this page but it's merely to define the placement of your text and keep it off off the border edges. The left border edge is further protected by a transparent.gif which is in the zip file. There's no need to add additional images as this will just keep retiling however you do forfeit the lovely top and bottom borders.

If you would prefer to use this you can download the zip file for the border only here. You'll have to go back to the previous page to download the rest of the images that go with this. Close this window to return to the original set or click here if you came from another page.

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