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This is a new section of Point of Focus Graphics.

Blogger is the cool tool for creating an easy to use daily journal, what's new page or directory either by incorporating it into an existing site or creating an entirely new one.

There are many of you out there who would like to use Blogger but do not want to create the template or graphics for it. It is for you that I've created these templates.

These templates are linkware and do require a linkback to pointoffocus.com. Please see the Terms of Use for further information and guidelines.

Many of these sets have been created using Hemera Photo Objects.

Click on a template name below to view it.

Template links will open to a new window. Close to return here

Morpho Didius
Morpho Didius Preview
My Pad My Pad Preview
Summer Bright
Summer Bright Preview
  5.09.01 On My Cloud My Cloud Preview
Juicey Preview
  *New* for 5.30.01 Sunflower Sunflower Preview
Chocolate Covered
Chocolate Covered Preview

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