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After having been the victim of bandwidth theft and having had my graphics taken apart and used indiscriminately; after having been lied to and also having someone actually pretend my site was theirs; I find it necessary to make the Terms of Use very explicit. If you are an honorable individual I only hope that you will not be offended or frightened and will visit and continue to visit in the spirit that is meant to be here.

I hope this site is one of offerings, of my heart, of my inspirations and spirit; of my thoughts and feelings.

Frankly speaking this site is as much for me as it is for you as I love the sharing, meeting new people and giving to others. But you are what is important here as without you this site would meaningless.

So honorable travelers, please come openly and honestly into my space and enjoy with me, share with me, learn with me and grow with me.

I thank you for visiting. : )


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To learn more about copyright; the actual legal implications and ramifications, visit the site of this Attorney who has had 25 years experience in the field and practices Internet Law.

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