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If you'd like to see how some of the sets or backgrounds are used please visit the sites below. A new window will open.

If you are using one of my sets and would like to see your page listed here, please write and let me know where you are.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who are using these graphics, who deem my art worthy to adorn your pages, and who have taken the time to write such lovely letters letting me know.

You all warm my heart.


Friends of the Chamber

Blue Rose border
Global Intelligence News Ocean Waves
MJ12 Documents Sunlight
The Realm of the Holy Grail Vines of Gold
Noa's Accomplishments Pumpkin Patch
Sweet and Kool Feverfew
Sweet and Kool - Home Opium
Sweet and Kool-Dining Room Earth and Water
Sweet and Kool-Garden On Lily Pond
Sweet and Kool-Crafts Petit Fleur
Blue Witch The Gilded Knot
The GS Leader The Bouquet
Jo's Corner Vines of Gold
All I Can Be Stained Glass
Memorials Serenity
Finnish Translation - Give Credit Where Credit is Due King of Diamonds
Catrena's Page Serenity
Sullivan Central The Gilded Knot
This Child's Journey Into The Sun
Egogahan-Gifts Purple Passion
Egogahan- Essays Purple Passion
Egogahan - Poetry Blue Topaz
This Child's Journey Flower Garden
This Child's Journey Innocence Gentle Flower
Many Rooms The Portico
A Tribute to Women Of Worth Opium
"J" - A Tribute Earth and Water
The Peace Pages Serenity
Geneology Pages The Portico
Sweet Samantha Flower Garden
Bill and Judy's Place Flora
Peppermint Pages Deco Angles
The Hands of Time The Portico
Visits Angelwings
Egogahan - Spiritual Vines of Gold
Kerdan Pomeranians Blue Topaz
Hobbies Pink Fission
Love in Marriage Pink Pearl
Our King The Gilded Knot
Welcome to My Garden Gentle Flower
JDL Bio Petit Fleur
Serenity Serenity
Garden Gentle Flower
This Child's Journey-Mrs. Singh Voyage to India
Jane's Page-My Garden Gentle Flower
Jane's Page-Serenity Serenity
Angel Site On Lily Pond
Rural Ramblin's Index et.al. Serenity
Rural Ramblin's What's New Primula Rosa
Mean Mom Gentle Flower
Celestial Heaven Lavender Silk
Kate's Corner - Softer Gentle Flower
Kate's Corner- Meditations Blue Pearl
Until the End of Time Primula rosa
Together Rose
Happy Life-Faith Web Feverfew
Pam's Banners Red Marble
Hazel On Lily Pond
Devonshire Place-Reflections The Portico
Devonshire Place-Reflections On Lily Pond
Kathy Pierced
Devonshire Place-Reflections A Pink Pearl
This Child's Journey - Precious Effort Simply Iridescent
On Lily Pond On Lily Pond
My Sister, Goodbye Serenity
Country Roads Pumpkin Patch
Welcome Feverfew
Family Blue Diamond
Friends Primula Rosa
Webrings Anemone Flower
Uncertainty Petals
Jacqueline and the King Stained Glass
Carol's Greeting Card Links Feverfew
An Enchanted Evening An Enchanted Evening
Dreamcatcher Blueberry Hill
Reverend Lee Woofenden Sermons  
September 29, 1996 Anemone Flower
November 24, 1996 Pumpkin Patch
January 26, 1997 Primula Rosa
March 9, 1997 Honey Dripping
March 16, 1997 Flower Garden
April 6, 1997 The Gilded Knot
October 5, 1997 Blue Diamonds
March 1, 1998 Serenity
March 15, 1998 Opium
April 5, 1998 The Gilded Knot
April 19, 1998 Vines of Gold
April 26, 1998 Strawberry Patch
May 4, 1998  
September 13, 1998 Anemone Flower
November 22, 1998 Pumpkin Patch
January 2, 2000 Anemone Flower
March 12, 2000 Primula Rosa
Index of Sermons Feverfew
Swedenborgian Index The Portico
Nita's Nook On Lily Pond
ShanaPowers.com The Gilded Knot
And That's All I Have To Say...... Feverfew
Jixemitri, and Other Things Gentle Flower
Portrait of an Angel The Quiet Pool
My Prince Will Come An Enchanted Evening
Ma Naissance Opium
In Memory Gentle Flower
Shuba - My Wedding Petite Fluer
Jamies Crazy Hectic Life Summer Bright
Lady Constance Feverfew
Pensees de Juillet Butterfly Mirrored border
Cher Papa The Portico
Bienvenue Cranberry Swirl
Distant Words On My Cloud
Verona Earth and Water
Partly Cloudy On My Cloud

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