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title Graphics

sub title Terms of Use

  1. If you should use any of my graphics, you must give me credit. Place a logo button with a link to this site on the same page where the graphics are being used. Should you prefer to use a text link, that is ok, just make sure it is a visible link and it is on each page of use. You can use any of the logo buttons found here, or you can use the matching logos that are available with most of the sets. I have placed the link code you will need below. All you need to do is to replace the words "logo button of your choice" with the name of the logo button you use and it's file extension of course ie.*.gif or *.jpg. Enter the height and width attributes which will be available to you at the logo button page, and great, you're good to go.
    Here is the correct link code: <a href="http://www.pointoffocus.com" target="_blank"><img src="logo button of your choice" border=0 width=" " height=" " alt="Point of Focus Graphics"></a>

  2. You must download them to your own hard drive. Do not link any graphics directly to my server from your site. I will not belabor the point just don't do it. If you do not know how you can find instructions at almost every linkware page at this site or you will find a zip file for downloading the entire set. Should you not wish to use the entire set you should view Terms of Use #4 below. Web TV users can go here for information on "transloading".

  3. The graphics are made available as linkware to personal (non-commercial) sites only.
    1. If you have a commercial site (you're makin' money there) you are not permitted to use these graphics as linkware.
    2. If you receive monetary compensation for creating sites for others whether the created site is personal or commercial you may not use these graphics as linkware.
    3. If you create a commercial site and do not receive monetary compensation for said creation you are not authorized to use these graphics as linkware.
    4. If you have a site that creates images (i.e. logos, banners etc.) you are not authorized to use any images found at this site.
    5. If you are a Web Developer/Designer and create a site either personal or commercial and receive no monetary compensation for this creation you are not authorized to use, as linkware, any images found at this site.

  4. If you have a personal or commercial site, or intend to create one, and wish to license these graphics and/or purchase them for your exclusive use please see the pricing information via the link (services) at the top of this page.

  5. These graphics are NOT to be altered in any way, except for adding text. They are not to be enlarged, reduced or transformed in any way shape or means. The items in the sets are not to be used separately. That means don't take a button from one set and place it with another, they will look terrible. It does not mean that you have to use each and every item available in a set, just don't take them apart and mix them up.

  6. These graphics are absolutely forbidden for use on any site which promotes animal cruelty, animal suffering, vivisection, or which discusses, or alludes to any harmful treatment of animals. Furthermore these graphics are not to be used by any site which promotes cruelty and or harmful acts to persons (children and/or adults) and/or which refers to persons in a derogatory manner because of race, color, creed, religion, ethnicity and/or gender.

  7. No images found at this site are to be added to any collections.

  8. Please e-mail me if you intend to use a border or set. Include the URL of your page(s) where the graphics will be displayed and the name of the set(s) you have chosen.

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You can read my rant here

To learn more about copyright; the actual legal implications and ramifications, visit the site of this Attorney who has had 25 years experience in the field and practices Internet Law.

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